Godiag GT100 work with Autel for Range Rover 2002 and Nissan Tiida 2007

Godiag GT100 OBD2 breakout box finally works with Autel scanner, tried to diagnose Range Rover 2002 and Nissan Tiida 2007. Using K-line communication.

  1. Diagnose Nissan Tiida 2007 by Autel scanner and Godiag GT100

Path: Nissan -> System selection -> Diagnosis -> Control unit -> Engine -> Diagnostic system initializing (you can see on GT100, the CAN-L indicator blinks green light) -> Read codes -> Establishing vehicle communication (meanwhile CAN_L indicator light flashes) -> Fault codes read out successfully.

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  1. Diagnose Range Rover 2002 by Autel scanner and Godiag GT100

Path: Range Rover -> 2002 -2005 -> system data login -> Yes to confirm the vehicle information -> Diagnosis -> Engine -> Bosch V8 Engine (Petrol) -> Active test -> Establishing vehicle communication -> back to “Read codes”, you can see your Godiag GT100 CAN-L indicator flashes and the fault code read out successfully.


If you have any problem with Godiag GT100 connection with the scanner:

Follow this video test to find out whether there is a problem with the gt100 box. If the test is connected, it means that the gt100 is good.

Watch the following video, to check whether the power cord of the obd line is connected, and determine whether there is a problem with the obd line.


And please follow this video to connect ECU and Godiag GT100 to test, if it can be tested normally, it should be the OBD line DB25 end welding problem, we can replace an OBD line for you.

Godiag GT100:  https://www.godiag.co.uk/wholesale/godiag-gt100-break-out-box-ecu-connector.html