How to use Godiag GT100+ Pro read CAS4 ECU data with Autel MD808 Pro

Hey, buddies, look at what I have: A Godiag GT100+ GT100 PRO OBD2 break-out box, an Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro code reader, a CAS4 ECU box, a test platform made by engineer. Guess what I will do? I use them to read CAS4 ECU info.

Here we go:

Give 12V power supply to Godiag GT100, then press the “Power” button;

Connect Godiag GT100 to Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro use the 16pin cable;

Connect the two adapters of test platform to CAS4 ECU box and another end to Godiag GT100;

On Godiag GT100, press “12V (30)” button, and the test platform indicator will flash.

The method to read CAS4 ECU information: the Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro, select “scan” then press “Ok” -> European -> BMW -> OK (to turn off ignition, wait approx 10 seconds switch on ignition again) -> 4 series -> F32/F33 ->Control Units -> Drive -> CAS Car access system -> ECU information.

Turn on the switch of the test platform and then have ECU information on the MD808 Pro.


Next is to read codes, turn on the switch of the test platform and have the fault codes.


Finally is to read live data. turn on the switch of the test platform and have the data.


As you can see, every time I turn on the switch of the test platform, I will have the data including ECU information, fault codes, live data, etc. Godiag GT100 ECU connector and the red test platform are wonderful, they will play a very important role in the daily job of every technician.

GT100+ Pro is the upgrade version of GT100, see details on the official website: