How to Use and Update Godiag V600-BM BMW Diagnostic Tool

GODIAG V600 perfectly compatible with Original BMW Software, no need install driver, for Vehicle Intelligent Diagnosis,ECU Coding, Programming and Special functions.
Supports latest protocol like DOIP K-Line CAN-FD.
Supports Ethernet/WIFI/Bluetooth connection.
Compatible size, easy to carry.

How to Use and Update Godiag V600-BM?


Identity verify:


If you are a new user ,register your account first, and you should bind your device(to prove you are a real user) :



Now input your ‘user name’ and ‘password’, login :

Input login information

On the left side, list the devices you binded or the devices found, you can read the base information of the device in each item. Select one of them to connect the device

On the right side, there are 4 menu items : Product upgrade, Advanced features, Account management, About.

Product upgrade

To upgrade your device’s firmware, you should connect your device first :

Figure 5-Conncet device


Figure 6-Select upgrade packages


Figure 7-Download package


Figure 8-Download finished

Figure 9-Upgrade comfirm

Figure 10-Transfer packages


Figure 11-Transfer finished

You can close the application now, the device upgrade process will take a few minutes. Don’t cut off the power while device is upgrading !

Advanced features


Figure 12-Advanced features


There are three items :

1、Join the wireless network

Disabled currently, in debugging…

2、Configure AP hotspots

The device can be a wifi host, you can modify the wifi name and password.




Write license to device, click ‘Update’ button.

Account management

No need to connect any device, you can bind a new device to your account。


Input your new device’s ‘serial number’ and ‘product key’ :